Friday, September 23, 2011

Eclipse connection through proxy server for update

Most of the companies have proxy server in between internet and your computer.For update we need connect to internet but the proxy server requires authentication for that. And we are not able to connect to internet through Eclipse.

Solution to the problem.

Step 1)If you know the proxy server name and port number then go to step 2. If you don't know the proxy settings then open internet Explorer.Go to tools->Internet Options->Connections(Tab)->LAN settingsYou will see something as follows

Out of three check boxes may be only one is checked.
Find the check box which is checked
a) If the first check box is checked then there is no proxy required
b) If the second is checked copy the URL for "pac" file and open in a browser and download it and then open it. There may be many servers with ports defined in the file. You can choose any one. I chose the last one with IP address and port number. This is how you will get proxy server and port number
c) If the third is checked then you can directly take Address as proxy Server and port as port number.
In above image for example you can see the proxy server as sample/ and port as 100

In this  step you get proxy server and port number.

Step 2: Open the Eclipse 
a) Go to Window->Preferences
b) Go to General tab -> Network Connections
 After this you may find one of the following screens depending on the version of Eclipse
Screen 1
Screen 2

i)Screen 1:  From the Active provider drop down Select "manual" then you will find 3 Check boxes as shown in screen 1 automatically gets checked. Now Double click on any of the checked Check Boxes a new small window will open where you will be prompted to enter Host, port, Username and password. 
In the host Text Field enter the proxy server name which we got in step 1 and also enter the port number.
In the username and password enter the user name and password you got from your company(it may be same as your desktop password). Repeat this for all three check boxes and click apply and then Ok.
So now you are done with proxy setting in eclipse.

ii) Screen 2: Click on Radio Button Manual proxy Configuration. You can directly see to enter the Http proxy,SSL proxy,SOCKS proxy. So enter here the proxy server and port number. Below you will find to enter User Name and password. Enter the desired user name and password and you are finish with the work.Click Apply and Ok

Now you can directly update the Eclipse with your proxy server also.
Please feel free to tell if there is anything wrong in this blog or any update is needed.


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